Eat this if you get a chance. It won’t disappoint.


Foodie Challenge – Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans

So this place is famous, even before I ever set foot in New Orleans I was told that I must come here. One of my besties told me it was on her personal list of – best things ever eaten. I didn’t even have to look it up on the Food Network or Travel Channel to see if I […]


Foodie Travel Challenge – San Antonio (TX)

You probably thought I forgot, but I didn’t. I am supposed to eat at a restaurant featured on either the Travel Channel or Food Network in each city that I visit. I can’t lie, I didn’t often accomplish this, but I did in San Antonio. I ate at Beto’s on Broadway; it is a taqueria featured on […]

Old world Sausage Platter

Food Challenge: Columbus (part 1)

So like most things in life, when you make a decision you have to begin where you are. So right now I am in Columbus, so my food travel challenge begins here with Schmidt’s Sausage Haus. Opened in 1888 as a meat packing house, it ventured into the restaurant business via a food stand opened in […]

Meditteranean Cruising pics - Jul 2010 090

The Foodie Travel Challenge

Like most Americans I probably watch more television than I should, and like most Americans most of it is reality. But instead of being mystified by the drama of those almost famous for doing nothing, I can usually be caught watching the antics of my favorite guy Andrew Zimmern. That guy will eat anything and I am amazed at his […]

Lobster Soup at Saegraefinn

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Abroad (Iceland)

Food is essential to life, therefore make it good. -S. Truett Cathay I saw this quote recently in a Chick-fil-A (don’t judge me!), and as I thoroughly enjoyed my chicken sandwich I started to think what constitutes good food to me. When I am on a road trip Chick-fil-A is a guilty pleasure, but when […]

Foie Gras

Collaberation: Best Thing They Ever Ate…Abroad

With a successful dinner party under my belt, it really got me to thinking about the best thing I ever ate. This is how I came to the conclusion that there is one thing that I ate while traveling internationally that was better than the Ghanaian Red Red. I went one step farther and decided to ask a […]

RZ of Baconfest Fame (left) and KA of Swang Hair Magazine (Right)

Bringing Travel Home: Ghanaian Red Red

One of my favorite parts of traveling is souvenir shopping, and Ghana didn’t disappoint. I bought home enough stuff to give much of it away and still have enough pieces for each and every room of my place. But one of my favorite finds was something that I make… Anyone who knows me knows that […]

Sold Out

Greatest Thing Ever: BACONFEST!!!

This absolutely made my year. I had just moved. I was looking for something to make me excited about the Midwest (sorry), and I found this: BACONFEST!!! I have a deep and abiding love of bacon (who doesn’t), so much so it has it’s own Pinterest board. So for those of you that don’t imbibe the swine…YOU ARE […]

Bullet Train

Guest Post: A Hungry Man Travels (Japan)

This post is courtesy of my very good friend, the Hungry Traveler, who is a true and wonderful foodie, most especially when he is traveling. He will be making guest appearances on Sojourner-Seeks and I fully expect him to almost always talk about food! One of the more interesting facts about The Hungry Traveler is […]

Jeni's Bergamot Frozen Yogurt - citrusy and sweet, amazing on a hot summer day

Eat This…Ohio

By far one of my favorite places to have breakfast in Columbus, Ohio is the Northstar Café. It reminds me of a coffee shop that I would find back home with it’s mix of urban sophistication and natural woods, while still maintaining a casual vibe. The food is fresh with an emphasis on organic local ingredients (which speaks to my […]

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