Tomb of the Unknown Slave

Road Trip: Tomb of the Unknown Slave (Louisiana)

  It is unsurprising to find such a monument in New Orleans; not because it was home to slavery, because this no more true than any of the other southern states. It is because New Orleans probably had one of the most unique relationships with slavery.  Yes, it had slavery in exactly the way one might expect; […]


Road Trip: A Slave’s Life

I wonder how many people have tried to imagine what a life of slavery must have been like. I have been confronted with slavery on numerous occasion, if you have read my other post you will remember that the most visceral for me was my visit to  Ghana. But even before I started blogging I […]

Oak Alley Plantation

Road Trip: Oak Alley Plantation (Louisiana)

  So once I got over the shock of looking at such beautiful places built on the back of slavery. I was able to once again get lost in the beauty of these amazing plantations. By far the one I was looking the most forward to seeing was Oak Alley Plantation, named after the row of […]

Evergreen Plantation

Road Tripping: Back to the Plantation (Louisiana)

The day was dreary, which I guess was befitting the mood of finding oneself going back to the plantation.  I sound like a runaway, but I was actually running towards the  plantation, several in fact.  The south has many antebellum mansions restored to their former glory. It is often a favorite pastime of Americans to […]


Americas National Parks

“Leave it as it is. Man can do nothing to improve upon it.” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt     This country is gloriously beautiful. What America lacks in age it makes up for in natural beauty. The most amazing thing for me was how the discovery of the vast beauty native to the United […]

Street Art - Palestinian side of the Border
To Exist is to Resist

Holy Land in a Day (part 2)

The second part of our day started at the border crossing into Jerusalem.  As we approached the gate our Israeli guide exited the bus, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  It was then that I noticed the sign prohibiting him from entering Palestine. It was a weird thing to approach something so blatant. It made me […]

In the Garden of Gethsemane

Holy Land in a Day…(Israel)

So I am going to admit something: I have never had any interest in going to the Holy Land. I blame my uncle who told me about bathrooms without toilets and peeing in holes in the floor and that was enough information to know that I didn’t have to ever go there. I am sure real travelers […]

Blue Mosque at Sunset

The Blue Mosque (Turkey)

The Blue Mosque was built in the early 1600’s by Sultan Ahmed I on the site that the palaces of the Byzantine Emperors used to occupy. These palaces were demolished to make room for the mosque, which is a little unbelievable to me as people now wouldn’t dream of destroying a monument to build something else. Can […]

Me at the entrance to the harem. Do you think I would have made the cut?

Ottoman Byzantine (Turkey)

 I went to Turkey! It was pretty awesome. The people are respectful and  friendly and the food is good, you usually can’t ask for much more than that, but the sites are pretty incredible as well.  Turkey is one of the few countries that finds itself occupying territory on more than one continent (Iceland is another),  Europe (which […]

Elmina Castle

Elmina Castle (Ghana)

It is incomprehensible for me to imagine that at one point the color of my skin was the only criteria used to determine my future. If I were writing this 200 years ago I would be chattel, little more than a beast of burden; I can’t even imagine. I have visited various sites in North America […]

Marblehead Lighthouse

Road Trip: The Lighthouses of Ohio

With my time in Ohio coming to a close I decided to actually start making a dent in the Ohio bucket list. Okay, I had to create the list first, but at the top of the list was to see the lighthouses along the coast of the great lakes. There are 20 odd lighthouses in Ohio off the […]

Vatican Gardens - Coat of Arms

The World’s Smallest Country

    So there is this country within the city limits of Rome, you may have heard of it, the Vatican City. At 0.2 square miles the Vatican is the smallest country on the planet. I am not sure how this was accomplished, but somehow the Catholic church corporate headquarters (for lack of a better term) […]

Money 2 Wilson

Can I pay with A Wilson?

Did you know that there are 5 US currency bills that are no longer in circulation (technically – but we will get to that)? The now defunct denominations were  $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000, and even $100,000 (Wilson) US dollar bills. (They can be viewed at the Smithsonian.)   These bills were printed between 1918 and 1945, which begs the question: in a time […]

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