It is the end of August and I am already starting to see a few red leaves peeping through the mottled greens of the trees. I am hoping that these are just early adopters and not a hint of things soon to come. I am not quite ready for summer to be over just yet, especially since the official first day of fall is still a month away!

I love fall, it is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp air, watching the trees come alive with  colors that dance in the wind and then transform again into bare branched beauties. And finally, on a purely girly level, I love fall fashions. But really in August? Summer just got here…

Observing all these pops of vibrant colors, reminds me of the trip I took to Vermont to see fall REALLY in action. Being from southern California, we don’t get seasons. Los Angeles gets chilly in the winter (I now realize it’s never really cold) and hot in the summer; and the trees are green year around. So even though I haven’t lived in Cali for years now, I am still enchanted; you would think that every fall was my very first.

Trees & Water

Fall Color in Vermont

This brings me to Vermont. Who has never seen pictures of Vermont in the Fall? Distant farms with vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow surrounding rolling hills, right? So when I moved to the northeast I knew that I was going to make a trip.

The Other Side

The Other Side

Let me start by saying what I should have done.  I should have booked a hotel months and months in advance, as leaf peeping is really great for about 3 weeks (Fall Foliage in VT) and the hotels are booked solid for those weeks. So I ended up going outside the optimum time. I also should have created a map of the best routes to drive, as there are some really picturesque places to see nature in action. Finally, I should have done a bit more research on where to stay, but was so grateful to get a hotel at all, I didn’t. Despite all of this, Vermont was amazingly beautiful and I would go again even under the exact same circumstances.


Bridge 1

Bridge 4

BRidge 6

Creek 2

Crossing 2

River in VT 2

Sunset in Vt 1

Have you ever experienced a memorable fall in the New England states?