546So this place is famous, even before I ever set foot in New Orleans I was told that I must come here. One of my besties told me it was on her personal list of – best things ever eaten. I didn’t even have to look it up on the Food Network or Travel Channel to see if I was following the rules, I already knew that SOMEBODY had come here before. In fact it has appeared multiple times on both networks.

So I, of course have the beignets. Really the menu was short and to the point. There were beignets and coffee.



Apparently, I had been missing out in life, since I had never had them before. I have heard them described as a kind of donut, but I have to disagree. There is no mistaking that taste for a simple (though much loved) donut, it tasted exactly like a funnel cake! I was in crazy carnie heaven! The dough was light, firm, sweet on its own, deep fried goodness, smothered in a generous helping of powdered sugar. I surreptitiously looked around to see how everyone was fairing with the sugar but found I was the only one whose clothes were dotted with the powdery good stuff. I found it supremely hard to care. I took way more than the two bites minimum that the Foodie Challenge dictate and found it difficult not to eat all of them…but imagining that stomach ache made me strong…

The coffee would put hair on your chest, but not being a coffee drinker you can’t really take my word for it. It was neither good or bad, but really made me crave a hot cup of tea.

Now I am off to the cemetery…