Like most Americans I probably watch more television than I should, and like most Americans most of it is reality. But instead of being mystified by the drama of those almost famous for doing nothing, I can usually be caught watching the antics of my favorite guy Andrew Zimmern. That guy will eat anything and I am amazed at his sense of adventure. I love that he travels all over the planet eating like the locals, and am impressed that even when he KNOWS he is about to get a healthy dose of dysentery served with that side of aged rat fetus marinated in feces (or something like that), he will take not one bite, but TWO!!! So this got me to thinking, could I do my own version of Bizarre Foods?

Meditteranean Cruising pics - Jul 2010 090

Baked Alaska

Nah, I just don’t have the stomach for it. I don’t know that I could smile through a bite of food and describe it as tasting, “poopy…but in a good way”.  So instead of a Bizarre Foods challenge I am making my own road trip challenge. I have downloaded the Food Network travel  app  called On the Road,  as well as the Travel Channel Cities app. Both will help me to follow the rules, of which there are just three:

#1 I have to find a restaurant that is featured on either the Travel Channel or Food Network.

#2 I have to ask the server what the restaurant is famous for and order that

#3 I have to eat at least two bites

I am the kind of person that must set a few ground rules or I will end up going to these places and ordering something that I know I will like, which could basically turn into lots of roast pork, fried chicken, or pasta. I want this experience to be a little off the beaten path for me and take me a bit outside my comfort zone. As always, you will hear all about my experience and there will be pictures as well. Wish me great luck and good digestion!


Where should go first?