I seriously thought about whether I should even blog this. It was just that lame, it was bound to happen, when you are searching for offbeat experiences you will find some that fall a little flat. I ended up finding it in Tennessee. But even the lamest of errands has a little something cool about them if you look hard enough.

Anywho, this Offbeat America experience was with…


 I should have known from the name that it was lame, but the description was that it is the largest underground lake in America. I was passing right by it! And I thought why not? Here is what I found:

Lost Sea Adventure

The entrance tunnel was really the coolest thing about this “adventure”. It looked space age and made me feel like I was descending into a futuristic base camp. But I ended up in an enormous cavern (which I knew was coming). It was more Land of the Lost than Star Trek, and I found myself hoping for the latter. The cave itself was interesting for about 5 minutes, but we spent about 45 minutes in it.

At one point my guide turned off all of the lights just to show me the real meaning of pitch black. I will say if I didn’t feel that my eyes were open, I could have been convinced that they were closed. This was interesting, I don’t think I have ever experienced profound darkness before. It made me wonder if the blind don’t even have the perception of light…

The Los Sea Cave

Originally, the Native Americans used the caves for tribal meetings and sacred gatherings. The white Americans used it at first as a place to store food, distill homemade alcohol, have cockfights, throw illicit underground parties and then later as a bomb shelter, complete with provisions.


Replica of still


Bomb Shelter provisions - 60 year old cracker, mmm!

Bomb Shelter provisions – 60 year old cracker, mmm!

The lake was discovered by a boy in 1905, though I have serious suspicions that the Indians knew about the lake, but for the sake of the blog we will say it was “discovered” in 1905. It was forgotten about and then rediscovered and turned into a tourist trap, and in this case it was really a trap. Finally, we get to the lake, which is seeded with fish, that go blind because of the darkness.

The Lost Sea Cave

I promise this is the only thing I did that was truly lame, the rest proved to be pretty interesting…