…but a see your sexy asses later!!!  :)

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.”

-Miriam Adeney

This isn’t my first move, and in all the places where I have lived I have left true and wonderful friends, so whether you are reading this as a friend that I have had for decades or one that is newly found, know that I miss you all and hate that my move always necessitates a certain amount of leave taking. If I could pack you in my suitcases and craft you into my journey I would, but instead I will keep a place in my heart with your name on it.

Mea & Roz

Mea & Roz

Not to diminish my friendships with people in other places, as you are all in my heart, but I have to send a message to my Columbus peeps today:

You are my Muses!


Last Meal before I leave with most of my good friends here in Columbus

You have all inspired me with your own creativity and zest for life. Having come from Cali and most recently from NYC, I thought that I had been in the most creative places and around the most creative people, but frankly it wasn’t true. You are people far more passionate and alive creatively than I have ever known and it was you that inspired me to really start this blog and realize that I have something worth saying and stories to tell. You are my first readers and as a consequence the dearest to me. You kept me sane when the job was trying to drive me crazy. You gave me a listening ear and amazing advice and you helped me to see my center again as I had felt a little lost when I moved here.  No matter where time takes me, I will always be here with you even if it is only in spirit. So this isn’t a goodbye, I fully expect our paths to cross again and again, it’s a see you later.

I know you have big plans of your own, some of that journey you will be going alone, but if you ever need a friend to meet you along the way I am always a phone call or plane ride away. You know I love a good trip!

Miss you already.

Be well,