So I love to find the offbeat things in this country, and what better place to find something offbeat than in Texas. It actually should have been too easy, and it was, but not for the reason one might think. It wasn’t something ordinary like a 15 foot tall lumberjack or peanut-shaped statue of a former president. Nope, someone went and built a replica of Stonehenge. Even better it is in the small sleepy town of Ingram, TX. Not exactly a hotbed of activity, but it made me hop off the highway to take a look . I loved it!!!  First, the replica was pretty good. Second, you could walk right up to it, touch it, and climb it if you wanted. (The original in England is off limits for climbing or touching and you aren’t allowed within 20 feet of it). Finally, it had a bonus Easter Island head as a guardian! Was so worth the stop.


Stonehenge II - Ingram, Tx

Stonehenge II – Ingram, Tx


Inner ring of Stonehenge II - Ingram, Tx

Inner ring of Stonehenge II – Ingram, Tx


Easter Island Head

Easter Island Head in Ingram, Tx
Keeping watch of Stonehenge II in the background

Easter Island Head - Ingram Tx

Easter Island Head – Ingram Tx