Before Teletubbies, Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer, children just watched what their parents watched on television (mostly). THANK God!!! When my niece and nephew were born I found myself having to watch all of the above and plotting to murder Tinky Winky, call INS on Dora, and to send Steve back to the mental institution that he clearly escaped from.

But if you are a child of the 80’s then you likely spent a lot of time staring down the TV set and day dreaming about growing up and living a life like “that” (whatever “that” meant to you). I had two “that’s”, I wanted a black firebird that spoke and could drive itself, yep, I wanted Kit from Nightrider. But a very close second, was I wanted to speed down dusty roads evading the likes of Boss Hogg in the General Lee.

I wanted to be a Duke.


The real General Lee (prop)!

20140713-142612-51972620.jpgNever mind, that they were white and I am most decidedly not white. Never mind, that the General Lee had a giant confederate flag emblazoned on the roof of the car. I wanted to be one of the Duke brothers, jumps through the window and speed along in the General Lee.


Daisy's Jeep

Daisy’s Jeep

I never wanted to be Daisy, at six years old I knew she was not the kind of woman I wanted to grow up to be. Not that she was portrayed as a weakling, she just didn’t often (if ever) find herself behind the wheel of the General Lee so was not worth aspiring too.

Daisy Duke's

Daisy Duke’s

I don’t know if it is a testament to my innocence or early conditioning that I wasn’t even bothered by the fact that her entire wardrobe could fit in a Ziploc sandwich bag, but I am going to go with innocence…(if you are laughing right now, you are a stupidhead AND not my friend anymore).

Hmmm…As I look at this picture I have to wonder how many people are wearing Daisy Duke’s right this second and have no idea of the origin of the name. (SMH) I will ask my niece if she knows.

20140713-142610-51970054.jpgFast forward 30 years (DAMN!) and I find myself on THE roadtrip. I am passing through Tennessee and looking for something worth seeing and what do I stumble across but a whole museum dedicated to all things Duke’s of Hazzard. I was almost as excited to find this as I was to step foot in the National Parks. Apparently, Cooter has opened a museum. I had no idea what to expect, but the memorabilia took me back…way back, to being the six year old kid who still believed that she could grow up to be a Duke brother.


I clearly did not become a Duke, but am happy that I got to remember for at least a little while the childhood dreams of my six year old self. I like to think that she would like who I decided to become, a little bit Daisy, a little bit Indiana Jones, and a whole lot of just me, though I would drive the wheels off the General Lee! I still love Dodge Chargers to this day.

What was your “that”?