Road Tripping: Chasing Liberty (AL)

One of the pleasures of driving to a destination, as opposed to flying, is that there are a myriad of opportunities to stop and see what life has to offer along the way. So it was in this spirit that I found myself in Birmingham Alabama. I planned to spend a few hours in Birmingham, […]

Olympus - Home of the gods

Picture This…Athens (Greece)

“We Greeks are the lovers of the beautiful, yet simple in our taste…” – Thucydides A Day of Exploring: Ακρόπολη Αθηνών (The Acropolis)       The Acropolis was constructed sometime after the 5th century BC, which amazes me that there are things this old still surviving today. Being a coastal city Athens got a lot […]

Fall in Ohio 083

One Fine Day…Dublin, Ohio

Saturday I took my camera and just got in my car with the intention of seeing something of Columbus that I hadn’t seen before. I picked Dublin (a suburb of Columbus) as my destination and here is what I discovered:   Cornhenge (Officially known as Field of Corn, though Cornhenge is a more apt description) […]

Street Art 2

Funky Cool Street Art (Iceland)

    And a few things that didn’t really fit anywhere else.        

Yellow Springs, Ohio 039

Fun with Friends: Yellow Springs, OH

You don’t always have to go very far to have an adventure, and sometimes what starts off as a quick jaunt to a neighboring town turns into a day of unexpected fun. So a couple friends and I decided to spend a day away from Columbus, and did a mini road trip to Yellow Springs, OH. We were in search […]

Vatican Gardens - Coat of Arms

The World’s Smallest Country

    So there is this country within the city limits of Rome, you may have heard of it, the Vatican City. At 0.2 square miles the Vatican is the smallest country on the planet. I am not sure how this was accomplished, but somehow the Catholic church corporate headquarters (for lack of a better term) […]


Picture This…Ohio


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