Street Art - Palestinian side of the Border
To Exist is to Resist

Holy Land in a Day (part 2)

The second part of our day started at the border crossing into Jerusalem.  As we approached the gate our Israeli guide exited the bus, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  It was then that I noticed the sign prohibiting him from entering Palestine. It was a weird thing to approach something so blatant. It made me […]

In the Garden of Gethsemane

Holy Land in a Day…(Israel)

So I am going to admit something: I have never had any interest in going to the Holy Land. I blame my uncle who told me about bathrooms without toilets and peeing in holes in the floor and that was enough information to know that I didn’t have to ever go there. I am sure real travelers […]

Bullet Train

Guest Post: A Hungry Man Travels (Japan)

This post is courtesy of my very good friend, the Hungry Traveler, who is a true and wonderful foodie, most especially when he is traveling. He will be making guest appearances on Sojourner-Seeks and I fully expect him to almost always talk about food! One of the more interesting facts about The Hungry Traveler is […]

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