Mission San Juan

On Getting Religion- Tx Style (pt 3)

So I really didn’t spend that much time in Texas, just a few days actually. I really didn’t anticipate spending this much time blogging about it, but how do you condense so many experiences into just a few words and pictures. Well I think I said all that I was intending to say (mostly :) […]

San Jose Mission

On Getting Religion – TX-Style (pt2)

So about that A/C… Texas was hot as hades and it was only March. I had just left Columbus (OH) and it was still below freezing, with snow on the ground. So to show up in Texas and be welcomed by 90+ degree heat was painful; I was completely unprepared. I had on jeans and […]

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The Hardest Break-Up

I have been having a love affair with India for over a decade, let’s be honest it is one of my longest lived relationships to date. I have spent many an hour staring out of a window dreaming about the day that I would get to stand in front of the Taj Mahal, listen to […]

The Queens pyramids, which were a fraction of the size of the pharaohs pyramid, but I guess this was better than an honorable mention

The Pyramids of Giza

To say that the pyramids are impressive feels like the understatement of the century. To say that they are larger than they look in pictures doesn’t begin to cover the scope of the sheer amount of space covered by a single pyramid. To say that I was overwhelmed by what I saw doesn’t capture what it really […]

You can see all that remains of the limestone cap at the top of this pyramid.

Egypt At Last…

“The people and the cultures of what is known as Africa are older than the  word ‘Africa.’ According to most records, old and new, Africans are the oldest  people on the face of the earth. The people now called Africans not only influenced the Greeks and the Romans, they influenced the early world before there […]

The Parthenon

It’s All Greek to Me (Greece)

My Mediterranean cruising began in Athens. I landed at the airport and immediately felt like I was at a freak show, but instead of being in the audience, I was the main attraction. I had never been stared at so boldly and unapologetically in my life.  Have I been observed in other countries before? Absolutely, […]

Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik

Chasing Aurora (Iceland)

I went to Iceland for one reason and one reason alone, to see Aurora. I have seen countless pictures of her writhing across the night sky with her undulating luminescence. She is like a burlesque dancer displaying her feathers, teasing all that sees her with the promise of splendor.  I thought that I would easily see […]

Marblehead Lighthouse

Road Trip: The Lighthouses of Ohio

With my time in Ohio coming to a close I decided to actually start making a dent in the Ohio bucket list. Okay, I had to create the list first, but at the top of the list was to see the lighthouses along the coast of the great lakes. There are 20 odd lighthouses in Ohio off the […]

Trees & Water

Fall Already…Vermont Anyone

It is the end of August and I am already starting to see a few red leaves peeping through the mottled greens of the trees. I am hoping that these are just early adopters and not a hint of things soon to come. I am not quite ready for summer to be over just yet, especially […]

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