Olives fresh from the trees

This is Crete (Greece)

Having visited Mykonos I fancied myself well versed on the Greek Islands (not really), but I was surprised to discover that Crete was very different than what I was expecting. So Mykonos reminded me of every picture I had ever seen of Santorini, with it’s white washed buildings and pristine beaches, so it was a surprise […]

Meditteranean Cruising pics - Jul 2010 141

Mykonos In Pictures

Most of the pictures you see of the Greek Islands are of Santorini, but Mykonos was no less beautiful.  Almost all of the homes were whitewash and had blue or red doors and shutters. They were close together opening directly onto the cobbled streets. It is a place where you walk, as the streets are […]

The Queens pyramids, which were a fraction of the size of the pharaohs pyramid, but I guess this was better than an honorable mention

The Pyramids of Giza

To say that the pyramids are impressive feels like the understatement of the century. To say that they are larger than they look in pictures doesn’t begin to cover the scope of the sheer amount of space covered by a single pyramid. To say that I was overwhelmed by what I saw doesn’t capture what it really […]

You can see all that remains of the limestone cap at the top of this pyramid.

Egypt At Last…

“The people and the cultures of what is known as Africa are older than the  word ‘Africa.’ According to most records, old and new, Africans are the oldest  people on the face of the earth. The people now called Africans not only influenced the Greeks and the Romans, they influenced the early world before there […]

Street Art - Palestinian side of the Border
To Exist is to Resist

Holy Land in a Day (part 2)

The second part of our day started at the border crossing into Jerusalem.  As we approached the gate our Israeli guide exited the bus, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  It was then that I noticed the sign prohibiting him from entering Palestine. It was a weird thing to approach something so blatant. It made me […]

In the Garden of Gethsemane

Holy Land in a Day…(Israel)

So I am going to admit something: I have never had any interest in going to the Holy Land. I blame my uncle who told me about bathrooms without toilets and peeing in holes in the floor and that was enough information to know that I didn’t have to ever go there. I am sure real travelers […]

Blue Mosque at Sunset

The Blue Mosque (Turkey)

The Blue Mosque was built in the early 1600’s by Sultan Ahmed I on the site that the palaces of the Byzantine Emperors used to occupy. These palaces were demolished to make room for the mosque, which is a little unbelievable to me as people now wouldn’t dream of destroying a monument to build something else. Can […]

Me at the entrance to the harem. Do you think I would have made the cut?

Ottoman Byzantine (Turkey)

 I went to Turkey! It was pretty awesome. The people are respectful and  friendly and the food is good, you usually can’t ask for much more than that, but the sites are pretty incredible as well.  Turkey is one of the few countries that finds itself occupying territory on more than one continent (Iceland is another),  Europe (which […]

Olympus - Home of the gods

Picture This…Athens (Greece)

“We Greeks are the lovers of the beautiful, yet simple in our taste…” – Thucydides A Day of Exploring: Ακρόπολη Αθηνών (The Acropolis)       The Acropolis was constructed sometime after the 5th century BC, which amazes me that there are things this old still surviving today. Being a coastal city Athens got a lot […]

The Parthenon

It’s All Greek to Me (Greece)

My Mediterranean cruising began in Athens. I landed at the airport and immediately felt like I was at a freak show, but instead of being in the audience, I was the main attraction. I had never been stared at so boldly and unapologetically in my life.  Have I been observed in other countries before? Absolutely, […]

The Cruise Ship

RX for a Chill Pill…

…Take a Cruise!      I love active vacations. I am usually the one going somewhere I’ve never been and doing my best to explore every nook and cranny of the new and interesting place. I like nothing better than to see all of the tourist attractions, get off the beaten path, people watch in […]

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