Foodie Challenge – Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans

So this place is famous, even before I ever set foot in New Orleans I was told that I must come here. One of my besties told me it was on her personal list of – best things ever eaten. I didn’t even have to look it up on the Food Network or Travel Channel to see if I […]


Foodie Travel Challenge – San Antonio (TX)

You probably thought I forgot, but I didn’t. I am supposed to eat at a restaurant featured on either the Travel Channel or Food Network in each city that I visit. I can’t lie, I didn’t often accomplish this, but I did in San Antonio. I ate at Beto’s on Broadway; it is a taqueria featured on […]


Foodie Challenge: Willie Mae’s in New Orleans

I know that I said that I wouldn’t just eat fried chicken everywhere I went, but Andrew Zimmern said that this place has the best fried chicken in America. How could I possibly pass that up?!? I arrived at 5:10PM, only to be told that they close at 5PM. I must have looked completely devastated […]

Old world Sausage Platter

Food Challenge: Columbus (part 1)

So like most things in life, when you make a decision you have to begin where you are. So right now I am in Columbus, so my food travel challenge begins here with Schmidt’s Sausage Haus. Opened in 1888 as a meat packing house, it ventured into the restaurant business via a food stand opened in […]

Meditteranean Cruising pics - Jul 2010 090

The Foodie Travel Challenge

Like most Americans I probably watch more television than I should, and like most Americans most of it is reality. But instead of being mystified by the drama of those almost famous for doing nothing, I can usually be caught watching the antics of my favorite guy Andrew Zimmern. That guy will eat anything and I am amazed at his […]

Lobster Soup at Saegraefinn

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Abroad (Iceland)

Food is essential to life, therefore make it good. -S. Truett Cathay I saw this quote recently in a Chick-fil-A (don’t judge me!), and as I thoroughly enjoyed my chicken sandwich I started to think what constitutes good food to me. When I am on a road trip Chick-fil-A is a guilty pleasure, but when […]

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