Blu Lagoon 2

The Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

The most surprising thing you learn is that the Blue Lagoon was not formed completely by nature, but was created in the 1970’s by a power plant (if only every power plant could have such useful byproducts). The water and mud are purported to have healing properties, and have the active ingredients of geothermal seawater, minerals, […]

I stood on a glacier! Which freaked me out as I had visions of falling through (ridiculous, I know)

Natural Beauty of Iceland

As mentioned in a previous post, Iceland has an incredible amount of natural beauty. Much of the country is still wild and unpopulated. You get the sense that the natural environment fights back against the invading humans and is winning. I imagine this is how America must have looked before people began moving west, but […]

Street Art 2

Funky Cool Street Art (Iceland)

    And a few things that didn’t really fit anywhere else.        

Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik

Chasing Aurora (Iceland)

I went to Iceland for one reason and one reason alone, to see Aurora. I have seen countless pictures of her writhing across the night sky with her undulating luminescence. She is like a burlesque dancer displaying her feathers, teasing all that sees her with the promise of splendor.  I thought that I would easily see […]

Lobster Soup at Saegraefinn

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Abroad (Iceland)

Food is essential to life, therefore make it good. -S. Truett Cathay I saw this quote recently in a Chick-fil-A (don’t judge me!), and as I thoroughly enjoyed my chicken sandwich I started to think what constitutes good food to me. When I am on a road trip Chick-fil-A is a guilty pleasure, but when […]

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