Friends and I in Siena

Picture This…Tuscany

To love this quote is possibly the ultimate in clichés, but I still do. It is very much a truth for me. “Where you are is who you are.  The further inside you the place moves, the more your identity is intertwined with it.  Never casual, the choice of place is the choice of something […]


…And Then There Was Tuscany

So as you can tell from my earlier entry, Rome was everything that I ever dreamed it would be and then some. I really thought that Tuscany was going to be the red-headed step cousin that I would still like, but not really love. So much to my surprise, just barely out of the city […]

Vatican Gardens - Coat of Arms

The World’s Smallest Country

    So there is this country within the city limits of Rome, you may have heard of it, the Vatican City. At 0.2 square miles the Vatican is the smallest country on the planet. I am not sure how this was accomplished, but somehow the Catholic church corporate headquarters (for lack of a better term) […]

Temple of Antonius & Foustinas

Rome was a Ruin…

So Rome pays serious homage to its rich and varied past. In most cases the old architecture of the ruins are incorporated into the modern buildings in and around the city. But what I most admire is that instead of tearing down and replacing the old, Rome honors it and give the aged a place […]


Nostalgia: My First Time…(Italy)

I always think of Italy as “he”, probably because he is bold, soulful, passionate, and confident (just like I like my men). So it was serendipitous that my first time was Italy. I was nervous. I had never done anything like this before; I had never been so far away from the familiar. I had […]

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