Mission San Juan

On Getting Religion- Tx Style (pt 3)

So I really didn’t spend that much time in Texas, just a few days actually. I really didn’t anticipate spending this much time blogging about it, but how do you condense so many experiences into just a few words and pictures. Well I think I said all that I was intending to say (mostly :) […]

San Jose Mission

On Getting Religion – TX-Style (pt2)

So about that A/C… Texas was hot as hades and it was only March. I had just left Columbus (OH) and it was still below freezing, with snow on the ground. So to show up in Texas and be welcomed by 90+ degree heat was painful; I was completely unprepared. I had on jeans and […]

Mission Concepcion

On Getting Religion TX-Style (pt 1)

So it’s no secret the south is a pretty religious part of the country; they don’t call it the Bible belt for nothing! So Texas was probably as good a place as any to find religion. I am not talking about finding God (He’s been a part of my life for a lot of years). […]

An Overlook in the Park

Road Trip: Great Smoky Mountains

It was winter, so I didn’t know what to expect. Most National Parks are visited at almost any other time of the year but winter, but as I make my way down from Ohio, I find that it is the perfect time for me. I needed a little alone time and was thankful not to be […]

Cuyahoga - Brandywine Falls 8

Cuyahoga National Park (Ohio)

Before moving to the Midwest I admittedly didn’t really know much about it. I knew that it was a center for agriculture and was at the forefront of the industrialization in the US, but I didn’t really think that there would be a lot of natural beauty. Having been settled during a time when preserving […]


Americas National Parks

“Leave it as it is. Man can do nothing to improve upon it.” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt     This country is gloriously beautiful. What America lacks in age it makes up for in natural beauty. The most amazing thing for me was how the discovery of the vast beauty native to the United […]

Billings Farm - National Park

I Am Almost a Tourist…in America?!?

  There are well over 50 protected areas in the United States known as National Parks and I have only been to one. On my amazing trip to Vermont I stumbled upon the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park near the town of Woodstock, VT. It was beautiful and was what made me realize how little of the United States I […]

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