LAMEST THING EVER!!! – Offbeat America

I seriously thought about whether I should even blog this. It was just that lame, it was bound to happen, when you are searching for offbeat experiences you will find some that fall a little flat. I ended up finding it in Tennessee. But even the lamest of errands has a little something cool about them if you […]


Road Tripping: Off Beat America – Next Stop Hazzard County

Before Teletubbies, Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer, children just watched what their parents watched on television (mostly). THANK God!!! When my niece and nephew were born I found myself having to watch all of the above and plotting to murder Tinky Winky, call INS on Dora, and to send Steve back to the mental institution that he clearly escaped from. But if […]

Stonehenge II - Ingram, Tx

Offbeat America – Stonehenge…in Texas??? with a Side of Easter!

So I love to find the offbeat things in this country, and what better place to find something offbeat than in Texas. It actually should have been too easy, and it was, but not for the reason one might think. It wasn’t something ordinary like a 15 foot tall lumberjack or peanut-shaped statue of a former president. Nope, someone […]


Offbeat America – 1st ever KFC

So this really shouldn’t qualify as that offbeat, except to me a museum solely dedicated to KFC seems a bit strange… Stranger still it is a working KFC restaurant as well. Talk about off the beaten path, it is located in an out of the way place in a small town (Corbin, KY). How it […]

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