Blu Lagoon 2

The most surprising thing you learn is that the Blue Lagoon was not formed completely by nature, but was created in the 1970’s by a power plant (if only every power plant could have such useful byproducts). The water and mud are purported to have healing properties, and have the active ingredients of geothermal seawater, minerals, algae, and silica. The water is warm and gets hotter the closer you get to the center, I didn’t make it to the center, but I seriously tried.  As you can see we had the place almost completely to ourselves, I am guessing owing to the fact that we were there during off season (gotta love off season travel).

Blue Lagoon 1

Iceland Dec 2011 138

Blue Lagoon 3

The landscape surrounding the Blue Lagoon is rugged, untamed and beautiful. It really is the culmination of so many indescribable sensory experiences that make this place unforgettable. All of your senses are being engaged and the moment takes on a solid physical presence in this place.

Me dressed in Sherpa wear

After soaking in the hot springs, I piled all of my clothes back on for a picture, but I wasn’t nearly as cold as I had been before the soak.

It was pricey, approximately $50 for the day and this was without any spa services! But it was well worth it, because quite frankly it was gorgeous, relaxing and how often will you really find yourself in Iceland? I treated it like it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Some experiences cost you, but it is rare that you find that they aren’t completely worth the price. When was the last time you just went for it without regret?